Wednesday, June 8, 2011



Yep i said it! Plarn!!

Whats plarn you say?

It's 100% recycled yarn made out of plastic grocery bags ( you know the millions of them you have stashed at home cause you just dont know what to do with them? )  Well i decided to try my hand at it! This Eco-Challenge (see posts below) had me inspired! I already make a lot of upcycled items...

Like my tshirt neckwraps....

But i wanted to try something really different! So this is my first attempt!

I used a dark tan/natural color grocery bags and cut them in strips, and then tied them together to make the plarn.  i then crocheted away til i had my end product!

I think it turned out pretty cool if i do say so myself! And, its surprisingly sturdy and thick! But completely recyclable and earth friendly! no more excess!! 

So what are you making that's earth-friendly? 

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Brianna said...

how did you do that!its amazing.PROPS !