Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Voting has ended and the winners have been declared for the Handmade Halloween Candy Challenge!
We had amazingly creative entries this year! I have to say, this was a tougher challenge than i would have thought! Who knew, creating with candy would truly be a challenge! lol
But I loved all diverse entries! Everyone rocked and did a great job!
A few stats!
There were 11 entries!
We had over  195 votes!
With over 340 blog views. 
Lots of people participated and i thank you all!

Ok on to the Winners!!!
For Most Creative/Inventive: the runner up winner is: 
Candy Zombie Lady by BNWCraft !! with 28% of the vote!

1st Place goes to Spaulding the Candy Owl by TheCozyLoft with a whipping 39% of the vote! Congrats Cozy!!! 
For The Category: Most Likely to be Eaten before this Contest Ends:
Runner up is 
Christina's Jack-O-Lantern Cake with 29% of the vote
But, The winner is  
Kellie's Amazing Jelly Bean Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake with 36% of the vote! Congrats! and we have to ask - has it been devoured yet?  who am i kidding, of course it has! yummm!
For the final category, Mostest Halloweeniest....
It was a tie!!!! 
BNW's Candy Zombie Lady and Michellesthisandthat Chocolate Haunted House both tied with a 32% vote! way to go!!! 
And! Our last final winner, goes to Erica of Caustic Threads, for being our random voter winner! Congrats Erica!!! 
Congrats to everyone! You all did a fantastic job!!!  
and stay tuned... because you never know when we might do another Contest! (any thoughts??? post below!)


2justByou said...

I really enjoyed the contest, and it was so hard to vote!!! All the entries were so good. Congrats to all the winners. Amazing job!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for this contest - it was truly a CHALLENGE!!! I sure appreciate all the votes and compliments for my candy owl. It means more than words can say. GREAT JOB to all the awesome creators in this contest and thanks to the hosts behind the scenes who worked tirelessly to create the excitement this contest brought!! All of you are THE BEST!!!! :)

teoh khah swee said...

Great job :)

Kellie :) said...

was so much fun doing this can't wait for the next one!!!

Sue said...

Awesome entries everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to change my Blogger/Blogspot background into a picture I want instead of the ugly plain ones that provide you with.. . I tried looking up on google how to change it but it only came up with how to change the background with the old Blogger. . . HELP!.

araleling said...

Congrats!!! :D