Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wyld Wednesday!

 Meet my good friend WyldCat! I've known her for gosh about 4 years now on Etsy! She's a doll and hilarious! We are both a part of the same team on Etsy, called The CrazyBNR (you can find us HERE ).   She makes the yummiest breads, and the most awesome laundry soap you will ever try! In fact, i will never buy any other but hers, it  makes your clothes smell amazing too!! But, don't worry! She assures us that she doesnt make a Laundry Soap Bread LOL

♥ What inspired you to start selling online? and how did you get started? 
    " Well to be honest I needed a little extra cash so I started poking around and found Etsy."

♥ What is your most favorite piece you have made and why? 
"hmm tough one but I would have to say that it is my Sourdough Rosemary Potato Bread"

Wyld also sells amazing recipes for you to try! From black bean brownies, homemade graham crackers, even taco seasoning!! I am a huge fan of her recipes! They are definitely worth trying out!!  

I of course, had to ask a few fun questions too! 
♥  If you could have any celeb buy from you, who would it be?
" hmmmmm maybe Gordon Ramsey!"

* Whats your Fave color? - Black
* Whats your fave tv show? -Walking Dead
* Whats your  fave music/song/band?  - Poison
* Whats your fave snack? - Almost anything that isn't good for you!

I hope you enjoyed meeting Wyld on this wonderful Wednesday! Please stop by her shop on etsy here : and see her yummy goodies to try!


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Wonderful blog Melissa! Love it :)