Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Meetup 3 - Creativity Happens!

Ready for Week 3 of my Blog Spot Lights? Today i want you to meet a very very dear and special Etsy Friend, Creativity Happens.  She is a jewel of a person! And wait til you see what she makes! I just adore her shop!!! 

She  makes hand painted ceramics for parties, home goods or just for fun! Modern Contemporary décor for your home. They are all hand painted in their Charleston, SC studio.
 "It has been a hobby for many many years and giving as gifts. One day I just kept painting and painting and making... WOW!!! I don't know this many people to give gifts to, what am I going to do with all this stuff! So, the selling began."
 She  found Etsy, and a few great people on there that took her under their wing and showed her the ropes. "It's been fun!" 
 ♥  Her Favorite thing to make? 
"I love my owls, all of them! Each one has a personality and they all make me smile. Let's face it, we have to love what we do!" 

 ♥  Her fave things to create with?  
" Bisque, Glaze & Crystals are my favorite materials... sometimes I even use a paint brush! "

♥  When i asked her what celeb she'd love to buy from her.... 
 "I think Vanna White should demo some of my bowls! I can just see her doing it for some reason! "  (ed:  me too!! ) 

 "Martha Stewart would be amazing with my yarn bowls! "  (ed: i sooo agree! )

 "Although,  Julia Roberts wood be so cool drinking from my travel tumbler" 

 "Wait.... OMG... how could I forget, Gerard Butler, he definately needs one of these: "

Some fun facts about Creativity:
Her Fave color?  - Too many colors to choose from! But partial to greens.
Her fave tv show? - Criminal Minds
Her  fave music/song/band ?  - Adel
Her fave quote/saying?  -  "Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about CREATING yourself! "
Her  fave snack ?   -  Pretzels and cheddar cheese chunks
Her quilty pleasure?  - " I plead the 5th :) muahahahahahaha"

You Can find Creativity on Etsy at  and on Facebook under Creativity Happens . 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Monday Meetup Part 2 - Toppy Toppy Knits

I hope you are enjoying all the fun blog features lately! Today i want you to meet a talented knitter i met through the Hippy Peacenicks Group on Etsy, Coral from  Toppy Toppy Knits.  She makes unique, high quality handmade accessories!
Her  children items are beautiful, cute, fun, and comfy. 
She also offers great quality, style and business elegance for adults too! 

 "I love designing new accessories, like Cartoon Character Hats!"

She also makes Headbands, Scarves, Fingerless Gloves, Poncho Shawls, Sweaters, iPhone covers, Card Holders, etc.

Her Daughter whose name is Coral as well, makes all the jewelry. All her jewelry is made with attention to every detail and the best quality materials possible for her creations.

♥  What inspired you to start selling online? and how did you get started?
" I was used to sell among family and friends, then, one of my son's told me about Etsy, he helped me by taking the first pictures and my daughter set the shop. The name was chosen by my grandson."

 ♥  What is your most favorite piece you have made and why?
"I really love the baby sweaters. They are very delicate and based on vintage heirloom patterns. I used my mom
 handwritten notes to make them."


♥  What materials do you like to work with most? 
"You can name any yarn! I love knitting and crocheting.  The only thing that I have some problem with is crochet thread, I have had surgery in my right hand and can't really work with thin thread or a very small crochet hook."

 Of course i always have to ask some fun questions!
♥  If money were no object, what would you buy (handmade)?
"I love angels and  find this incredibly beautiful." (ed: It is gorgeous!!)

♥  If you could have any celeb buy from you, who would it be?  
"George Clooney! I would love him to wear one of my hats or scarfs." (ed:  how fun would that be!)

 A few fun facts about Coral :)
Her Fave color - Purple
Her quilty pleasure - Coffee icecream (yum!!)

 Coral is offering a few specials to you all!  
Use Coupon Code: BUYME3  for   25% off; her prices start at 3.00 so you can combine and save
Use Coupon Code GRACIAS  for   15% off
Use Coupon Code FREESH   for   Free shipping (Domestic only)

 You can find Coral and her beautiful knits and jewelry at these sites below! 
Of course her etsy shop -
Find her on Facebook: toppytoppy
Go Check out her blog
Follow Her on Twitter: CoralToppyKnits
Find her on Pinterest: toppytoppy
Be sure to check her out!! More Blog Spotlights to come!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wyld Wednesday!

 Meet my good friend WyldCat! I've known her for gosh about 4 years now on Etsy! She's a doll and hilarious! We are both a part of the same team on Etsy, called The CrazyBNR (you can find us HERE ).   She makes the yummiest breads, and the most awesome laundry soap you will ever try! In fact, i will never buy any other but hers, it  makes your clothes smell amazing too!! But, don't worry! She assures us that she doesnt make a Laundry Soap Bread LOL

♥ What inspired you to start selling online? and how did you get started? 
    " Well to be honest I needed a little extra cash so I started poking around and found Etsy."

♥ What is your most favorite piece you have made and why? 
"hmm tough one but I would have to say that it is my Sourdough Rosemary Potato Bread"

Wyld also sells amazing recipes for you to try! From black bean brownies, homemade graham crackers, even taco seasoning!! I am a huge fan of her recipes! They are definitely worth trying out!!  

I of course, had to ask a few fun questions too! 
♥  If you could have any celeb buy from you, who would it be?
" hmmmmm maybe Gordon Ramsey!"

* Whats your Fave color? - Black
* Whats your fave tv show? -Walking Dead
* Whats your  fave music/song/band?  - Poison
* Whats your fave snack? - Almost anything that isn't good for you!

I hope you enjoyed meeting Wyld on this wonderful Wednesday! Please stop by her shop on etsy here : and see her yummy goodies to try!


Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Meetup! Sayuri Glass

Say hello to Sayuri Glass! My next feature installment! She Makes beautiful hand blown glass! I am always in awe of artists who can do this! One day i'd love to learn! But enough about me! haha! I want you to delve into her colorful world! 

Why did you start selling online? 
"I started my online shop for helping people around the world."
And this i found very cool.  20% Of all her shop sales go toward to the Red Cross for supporting Disaster Relief. The monthly receipt will be email to each customer and will be on my facebook fan page. ( I am really impressed by that!)

What is your favorite thing to make?
"Mini vases are my favorite. I love miniature items." (who doesn't! lol)

I of course had to ask some fun questions to get to know the artist behind the glass! 
* Favorite color? Green/Blue 
*What channel or tv show do you watch the most?  Food channel 
*What is your favorite music?   Techno music 
*Favorite quote or saying?   Effort and patience 
*Favorite snack?  Greek yogurt  
*Guilty pleasure? Angry Birds


Can i  just say i am in love with her ornaments? can you imagine a whole tree filled with these? 

Sayuri also wants all my readers to know, she welcomes custom orders! Also, repeat customers will receive a special coupon for future purchases! (nice incentive!!) No limits, and no expiration date! 

You can find Sayuri and her beautiful works of art on etsy at  or on facebook at 
Go check out her shop now! She has a great sale section going on too! Click Here to see! After all, everyone loves hand blown glass!! 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Feature Friday! Meet Laurie Shanholtzer!

 So every week, leading to Christmas, i plan on featuring a new person and their shop! So join with me, in this first installment and say hello to a lovely lady, Laurie! She is an artist, who does beautiful works of art for anyone, of any age! 
" I love painting artwork for children and pieces that are nostalgic and romantic- to tell a story or capture a special moment in my pastels."
She sells reproduction prints,  original pastel paintings, personalized and giclee prints, jewelry, note cards and invitations all based on her original artwork.
 A little background on Laurie.  She is retired, from over 40 years as a portrait painter (how cool is that!)   Now, she says, she can take some time to paint what she has had little time to do in the past.

I asked her, why did she start selling online:  "I started my Etsy shop to have a good home for my newly created works. I am having such a blast experimenting with new things and having a venue to showcase the artworks I have wanted to create."
You can find Laurie and her creations online either through her Etsy shop , or on Facebook at .  She also has her own website at

And, for a limited time, Laurie is offering my readers a great deal! Now through Nov. 15th you can get 20% off using code FBSALE .  This would be a great time to get some holiday gifts!!