Monday, June 30, 2008

It's all About Cake!!

So I realize it's been far too long since I lasted posted anything to my blog. I figured it was high time i did! I racked my brain for the longest time trying to think about what to post and write about. I love to feature etsy sellers mostly on here. But who would be hext? It's so hard to decide.

So then i thought, why not highlight the lovely gals from the CAKE thread i am a part of on Etsy! They have been so incredibly nice and are just a ton of fun, and each one extremely talented!

So i guess it would be good to tell you what CAKE stands for first lol. CAKE = Creative Artists Kick-Ass Etsians. Anyway, it's a great group of people! They are, as i understand it, kind of an unofficial street team on etsy. But couldnt be any nicer people! We have a ton of fun on the thread - come check it out sometime!

I wish i could highlight each of the shops seperatly, but i am afraid it would take about 20 pages to do so! lol So here are just a few of my many favorites among them!

I just love this print from celebratelife. Her shop is so full of fun, cute, bright, cheery prints, cards and now pendants. Everything about her pieces just makes you smile! Just a blurb from her profile . "I'm a mom, sister, daughter, aunt and friend, and I believe that everything happens for a reason and that each and every day is a reason to celebrate."

Now if i could, if i won the lottery or something, i think i would buy this whole shop out! This beautiful piece of pottery is made from happylake. Her pieces are unique, one of a kind, and true treasures! I can only imagine her pictures don't do her work justice.

This really awesome suncatcher was made by none other than beadbug ! She makes all kinds of fun fused glass pieces, from pendants to suncatchers, and well all kinds of jewelry! I also really love her ladybug pendants too!

Cozyloft i think is known for her whimsical owls, and her shabby chic sachets, but i dont think many often see her beautiful art that she does too! Called Small World, I really love this original painting, described as modern minimalist. She was also, I believe, the first person i met on the CAKE thread and welcomed me in!

Now who wouldnt be captivated by this stunning necklace! It surely caught my eye! I am not sure i personally could pull it off, but i do definitly love it! Called Lusca Boho Chic Octopus, it really does just catch the eye. All of voleurdebijoux pieces have this old world romance feel about them. Truly stunning, and such a unique style and feel. To wear one of her pieces is like wearing mini treasures.

Behind Closed Doors is one of my favorites of DistressingDelilah's. Her photographs, mixed media, jewelry are all so unique and have this mysterious feel to them. She often uses old, vintage, and retro things to create her pieces, which i just love! Sometimes, dark, sometimes scary, sometimes sweet, but all very awesome!

I truly wish i could post something from each of the shops. And maybe my next blog post i will try and feature those i couldn't this time. But for now, please check out the shops! I have listed each one of the members below too, so you can have fun browsing them! They are all super nice and very friendly! Or come say hi sometime in the thread!

Go Cake!


Rhonda said...

You ROCK MK!!! Thank you soooo much for featuring our group. That was such a wonderfully thoughtful thing fo you to do and I am truly honored to be here!!

P.S...Why haven't you asked to join CAKE yet?? Hmmmmm????

Beadbug00 said...

Thank You for including my shop in "It's all About Cake!!"