Thursday, February 5, 2009

Give em Some Love Part 9

I decided at least twice a week i will spotlight shops who have had no sales (or only 1 or 2 sales) to give them a little time in the sun! They are all beautiful shops who deserve a little love! So i hope you come back and check out who i feature! You never know what favorite you might just discover!

I hope you have been enjoying these features so far! Today I am spotlighting badpatch!

♥♥♥ How did you hear about Etsy and what made you decide to sell here?

I heard about Etsy when a friend of mine at college started selling her artwork here, so I came and looked around. I have been on Etsy as a buyer since January of last year, but just opened my own shop in December. Basically, it was time to clean out my portfolio (I have BOXES of photos) and so I made the decision to try to sell some of my work.

♥♥♥ What inspires you?

Inspiration comes from anywhere & everywhere; I don't have a single aesthetic or viewpoint when it comes to my photos. I just love to be behind the camera; in fact, I also work as a freelancer and shoot weddings and portraits on the side. In terms of my art photos, I suppose I focus primarily on the things we see every day but that slip under the radar due to their familiarity. If I do landscapes, they tend to be the kind that include junked-out cars and billboards rather than pretty trees and waterfalls. That kind of immediacy, and that evidence of human involvement with the landscape, stirs a reaction in us that you can't get from an untouched picture of a mountain or a sunset.

♥♥♥ What is your one main Dream or Goal?

Another good question. Right now, I'm supporting myself by writing and shooting photos, so it's hard to complain; that's quite a dream already. I suppose I'd like to continue on this path but on a larger scale. I love music journalism, traveling, shooting portraits, and writing fiction, so I suppose I can boil it all down by saying I'd like to be known as "that best-selling novelist who took those famous photos of Bob Dylan." :)

♥♥♥ What one celebrity would just tickle you pink if they bought from you?

Really good question. She's not a typical celebrity, but I do daydream sometimes about what would happen to my shop if Dooce ( should decide to buy from me. She spotlights Etsy sellers on her website often and she has great taste, so that would be a pretty big compliment.

Thank you Badpatch for letting us view your eye catching photography!


thecozyloft said...

Gorgeous work! I have always loved black and white photos. There's something about them that draws me in...every time!

Beautiful feature MK!

Cherry Lane Jane said...

she does beautiful work! Great feature