Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Color Quiz! How Many Can You Name?


Just for Fun! How many can you get???


Jennifer said...

Oh gosh! I got 37, but they didn't except about 10 of my choices...ok maybe it was 5 but I can't remember how to spell fuscia (still not sure, LOL!) That was fun :)

missknits said...

lol yes i typed in quite a few it didnt take either, like chartreuse - but maybe i didnt spell them right either? lol

thecozyloft said...

38 for me - that was fun!!

Thanks!! Hugs!!

Audrey said...

I got only 27!! That's hard. Half the colors in the list you get when your done I've never heard of.

Almost Precious said...

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ps - Only got 39 and yes there were many it would not take...like sky blue, Navy blue, mint, and seafoam. But what fun!