Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My New Found Addictions (addmittedly)

So lately i have been totally hooked on a couple of Facebook games! I know, so sad! But i dont feel so bad, because it seems i am not the only one! lol In fact, i think my mom is possibly more addicted to one now than i am! (and, she's only been playing for a little over a week!)

Restaurant City is one. Heard of it?? Its so fun! Reminds me of the games like Diner Dash! You basically get to set up and run your own restaurant. You can decorate it anyway you want, hire other friends to work for you as chefs, cleaners, or servers. You can even dress them up! lol You can visit other friends restaurants, trade ingrediants, learn new meals. Obviously the point is to level up, and make the biggest best restaurant! I've been playing this about 2-3 weeks now, and soo hooked. I log on in the morning and make sure everyone is full in energy to work the day and then just let it run while i work or catch up on other things. It's cool too, cause it will run, even if you arent actually playing it.

The other one is Farm Town. Kind of similar to Restaurant City i guess - in that you get your own farm! plant your own seeds, harvest them, hire others to harvest for you, send animals and trees to friends, its really pretty cool. This is the one i got my mom (and dad) hooked on! Its really rather funny too. They just signed up with facebook like 2 weeks ago. so they are still learning the ropes i guess. But i can tell my mom is already hooked (join the club right?) she will even text me on my phone in the morning - can i harvest your farm yet, i need the money! lol She calls my farm neurotic - though i think its neat and orderly! I call hers chaotic!

well... ok here's proof - can you guess whose is whose??

Are you addicted to any games? Apps?? I'd love to hear!!

Oh and i meant to say, if you want to add me as a friend on facebook - you can look me up mel_sunrise@yahoo.com and we can all be addicted together! lol I have lots of my etsy pals on there already!


Lindsey said...

My mother convinced me to join Farm Town, and now we're both addicted. I talk about it so much that my mother-in-law decided to join Facebook just so she could play Farm Town too!

I've looked at other games but I've managed to stop myself from signing up for them, I barely have time to run my farm as it is! I don't need to become addicted to other games too.

Audrey said...

I don't understand facebook, but my boys are on quite a bit and play the games!!
Thanks for the comment on my blog - I have written you down, to add your etsy mini to my blog for next week! Thanks so much and have a great day!

MagicMarkingsArt said...

Ahhh, another reason to stay away from facebook, my addiction would run too deep and it would take years of therapy.
Better safe than sorry :)
BUT...I must say it looks like fun!

SleightGirl said...

I think my favorite game is Lexulous...it used to be scrabulous, but they had to change the name...you can play scrabble with people all around the world!

Bridget said...

I was totally hooked on YoVille on MySpace...I've since ditched MySpace after years of being on there...now I'm on FB but I wont get into YoVille, FarmTown etc....wayyy tooo addicting...