Friday, October 2, 2009

Freak Friday Feature Eerie Embellishments Part 1

I Hope you enjoyed last Friday's Freaky Finds! Full of Spooky Supplies and a Giveaway too! Be sure to go back and enter if you haven't already for a cute set of Fall Tags! Giveaway Ends tonight at midnight!

Our Theme today is Eerie Embellishments! Great ideas for decorations, accents, and all kinds of fun things for your Halloween parties and get togethers!

This first collection of Art is from SwampratPhotography!

They are a boyfriend/girlfriend team. They have so many creepy cool photos to decorate your home with. They enjoy going on adventures and taking pictures of creepy, abandoned places. "We like to call our subject matter "underbelly art" because we find beauty in the less-than-glamorous, forgotten aspects of life: rusty junkyards full of old hot rods, hidden graveyards overrun with weeds, and dilapidated buildings with cobwebs in the corners. plus, we're just a little bit morbid to begin with :D" lol gotta love that!

When asked about their favorite Halloween memory, " the year my cousin and i dressed as bed in-era john and yoko. It was a last minute idea, so we had to make due with what we had. I wore a nightgown and black witch's wig to be yoko. She wore a jesus wig/beard combo and an old man's pajama set to be john. We made his signature wire-framed glasses out of two easter egg dippers that we twisty tied together!".

Be sure to check them out! They have another shop too, called FrenzyFinds where you can find all kinds of vintage items!

Also, feel free to follow them along in their journeys on their blog here.

Be sure to check back later today for more Freaky Friday Finds!! i'll be posting more shops and great deals all day long!


erin said...

thanks soo much for the friday feature! love it!!!
xox erin

Lady Miss Tiff said...

I love the feeling of their work - it's hauntingly beautiful