Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Handmade Leap Year Contest - Sign Up!

~*~*See What's Hoppin'! *~*~*

Handmade Leap Year Contest

Are you ready for another fun filled crazy challenge? I know i am!!
We are joining two teams together this year, the Crazy Team (of course) and Team Sabre's Closet, for this contest!
It will be Leap Year themed. Since, after all, it is a Leap Year!
So what does this mean, you ask? Well anything that makes you think of leap year, could be leaping lizards, hopping bunnies, jumping frogs, the #29, the month of february.  Basically anything that makes you think Leap Year! So just get creative with it and have fun!

♥ Here's how it will work:

   •  Sign Up starts TODAY! and ends on Sunday, January 29th.  ANYONE can sign up! You dont have to be on one of these teams to join, in fact you dont have to be on ETSY to join... Anyone can join in! The only requirement is that it be handmade by you!
   •  You will have 1 month to make your item(s).  (items must be new, not something already listed in your shop)
   •  All entries are due by Monday, February 27th. 
   • Voting will begin on Leap Day, Wednesday, February 29th and last til Sunday March 4th. 

♥ You may enter as many items as you like and enter with any or all of your shops! The more the merrier!
   •  Just be sure to send me either a link to your entries or a photo, so i can post it for voting.
   • Voting will be done on my blog : and on facebook.

♥ Categories for Voting:
 ► You will be voted on the following:
   •  Most likely to buy
   •  Most resembles the Leap Year Theme
   •  The 3rd category will be chosen by a team of judges:  Missknits, Sarahinflorida, Liquidsabre, JKalvarez, and Paratu

♥ Prizes:
   •  Prizes will be awarded based on the 3 categories stated above, plus random prizes given throughout the contest and 1 random winner at the end for entering.  So anyone can win!
   •  If you wish to donate a prize please contact one of the judges to let us know! You will be promoted throughout the contest for donating a prize!

♥ Voting:
   •  Voting will start by 9am Wednesday February 29th and last til midnight Sunday, March 4th. 
   •  Voting will be held on my blog as stated above, plus on facebook under the event we create.  My blog will be set up so you can vote more than once - so be sure to vote often!!
   •  Please help promote this contest if you sign up! We can not do all the work alone.  The more you promote, the more votes you get!
   •  Winners and prizes will be announced on Monday, March 5th!

♥ Be creative and lets get hoppin!! ♫♪♫♪♪♫

To sign up post below or on our facebook page here.


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Darcy said...

Can I sign up my shop still? I'm know I'm really past the date. I'd read the instructions a number of times and didn't feel any inspiration. But I think it's beginning now.